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Children's Consignment Sale

You will need
  • consigner#
  • 3x5 index cards
  • hangers
  • safety pins
  • ziplock bags
  • strong tape

Tagging Specifi cs:
 Use a 3x5 index card ONLY
Consigner # in the top left corner
Size in top right corner (numbers only)
Description of item and price in center
ND-no discount (optional) on the bottom right if NOT discounted on 1/2-price day.





  • We ask that you bring the items to us NEAT and CLEAN, on hangers, priced and tagged, ready for sale.


  • Please make sure all items are without stains and in excellent condition. We will be checking all items


  • Place items on WIRE hangers (sizes newborn to 24 months may be on plastic hangers) with the hanger facing the left, like a question mark.  Tags should be pinned (safety pins only) on the top right hand side of the item.  Two-piece items should be hung together with the bottoms pinned to the hanger on top of the shirt and not underneath.  Make sure all tags are securely attached to the item.  Tags can be taped to toys.  Baby items and small toys should be put in large Ziploc baggies with the tag taped inside the bag.  All items on hangers should be priced $3 or higher.  If it's not worth $3, do not bring it--we will not accept it.  We will not be accepting any bagged clothing items for this sale.


  • Please bring your clothes sorted by size and in boy or girl groups


  • All toys should be clean and have batteries so the buyer will know they work.  Please air out items from a smoking home.  All items should be priced in whole-dollar increments.  Price the items as if you were buying them.  A good rule for pricing is 1/3 of what you paid for them.  There will be a $5 participation fee to cover building rental and advertising.  This fee will be deducted from your earnings.


  • For your protection, please do not make changes to your cards--make a new card if you have corrections
  • Thank You Again!

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